On an island where infrastructures and projects dedicated to tourists are constantly developing, the Baybayin Library association has set itself the mission of creating a unique place for its inhabitants. A nonprofit library where they can read, study and learn, but also exchange and have fun around various activities and events.


Deeply attached to this small corner of paradise and its residents, the idea of the founders of the NGO was, above all, to propose to the local population of Siargao a project dedicated to them.

They wanted to create a place where awareness-raising activities could be organized around key themes such as education, health, environment or autonomy. A place which would allow young students to benefit from an optimal framework for studying with computers, school books and a work space. A place which would promote the development and awakening of children around playful and creative activities.

What could be better than a library to meet these different objectives? This is how Tristan, Madeline and Leah, the three founders of the Baybayin Library, concretize the first step of the project by creating the NGO in 2019. The same year, they launched the construction of the building in the center of General Luna.

After more than two years of construction, a delayed opening due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and then the passage of Typhoon Rai which devastated the island in December 2021, the Baybayin Library finally opened its doors on February 15, 2022.


Access to knowledge, education, a sustainable environment and health care are priorities that carry many of our actions with our visitors. Nevertheless, if two of the founding members are French, the NGO does not have the vocation to support the diffusion of the Western culture. The objective of the NGO is above all to act in the respect of the Filipino culture and its innumerable richnesses.

Self-confidence, the development of one’s critical mind, respect for others, for oneself but also for one’s environment and non-violent communication are, for the team of the Baybayin Library, essential to the blossoming of each one. In order to help the children to build themselves by listening and expressing, it organizes many activities in connection with these objectives. The following activities are offered to children: sharing circles, breathing exercises, creative workshops, writing workshops and music classes.

Finally, the library is open to all and makes no distinction between its visitors. The Baybayin Library claims its neutrality and its political and religious impartiality. Each member of its team commits to interact with its visitors in the respect of these values, without ever judging or taking a position.


Baybayin is the name of the alphabet used in the Philippines before the arrival of Europeans in the archipelago. It means “to spell” in Tagalog. Therefore, giving this name to the organization seemed like the obvious choice, embracing the founders’ will to celebrate the Filipino heritage.

The library