A place where young and old could come every day to read, study and enjoy themselves, that is what Baybayin Library strives to be. More than a library, the mission of the organization is to provide a unique space that Siargao residents could make their own, a place full of surprises, where people can expand their knowledge and imagination, where books and art inspire them to create, dream, play and share.

A facility tailor-built for the library

Under construction since July 2019, the facilities that will contain the library have been envisioned and designed especially for this project. The building will be funded by the founders and allocated to the Baybayin organization under the condition that it will be exclusively dedicated to serving the local community life on the island, with the exclusion of commercial use.

The building will offer numerous books in Tagalog, Bisaya and English. It will include several reading spaces, a space suited for young children, and desks so older children could study in a quiet and comfortable environment. On the first floor, the large open space will be an ideal place to hold all kinds of workshops, meetings, conferences, training courses and video screenings.

On the ground floor, an office will be put at the disposal of the Siargao Masaya organization for them to enjoy a proper work and accommodation space to advance their mission. Once a week, the library will be closed and the place could be used by local organizations to host events.

Books, supplies and facilities funded by the donators

Thanks to the donators’ support, the organization will provide the funds to design the interiors and buy books. Book collects will also be held and tourists, organizations, and various partners such as publishers will be invited to participate in this collective effort to further enrich the Library’s collection.

The book surplus will be stocked and redistributed to remote islands and villages, so people who can’t travel could still benefit the library resources. Books could also be donated to other organizations.

The donation campaigns will primary be orchestrated in France and in the Philippines, sometimes spreading to neighboring countries like Australia or the UK.

The Baybayin organization will primarily rely on donators’ support to initiate and help sustain the project.

The day-to-day life at the library

Alongside a team of volunteers, two people will be hired to help run the library and handle the day-to-day work. They will be in charge of welcoming visitors, managing book lending, organizing activities and maintaining the facilities. These two employees will join and grow the team, helping ensure things run smoothly on a daily basis and address the needs and expectations of the visitors.

One of the founders’ main concerns was to provide an ethical and pleasant work environment to the library employees. The latter will indeed enjoy benefits to this day way too rare in the Philippines, such as health insurance and paid leave.

The employee wages will also be funded by donators who wish to support the Baybayin organization.

Meet the team

Volunteering, solidarity in a wide array of workshops

Numerous workshops and events will be held within the library.

The solidarity of both residents and visitors of the island will breathe life into the organization, thanks to numerous learning and fun activities held by volunteer participants eager to share their knowledge.

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