Born and raised in Central France, Tristan has been traveling the world for years. Today his initiative to build a local organization in the Philippines finally comes to fruition, embodied in this project thought with and for the people who always had been so welcoming to him during all of his trips.

Regularly traveling to General Luna, Tristan will work with the Library teams to ensure that the project progresses smoothly. He will supervise the construction of the facilities, the installation of the library, and will also be in charge of managing the book donations in the Philippines.


Vice president and treasurer

Newly relocated to Brittany, Madeline lived in the French capital for nearly 15 years. Web editor, she has wanted for years to build an organization in the Philippines. Her teaming with Tristan and Leah finally makes this project happen.

Madeline will work remotely from France on administration and funding for the organization. She will travel to Siargao Island several times throughout the year to follow up with the library teams on the achievement of ongoing projects.



Leah Marie has been working with the Swiss organization Siargao Masaya for many years. Her desire to build community projects in her own country and her creative mind make her one of the true founders of the organization.

Leah will lead the coordination between the different library teams and work closely with Madeline and Tristan to provide them with all the required administrative details to run the organization in France.


Board member

Switzerland native and Filipino at heart, Stéphanie founded the Siargao Masaya organization a few years ago. Well established in the local community life, it was with great enthusiasm that she helped the founders develop their project.

Stéphanie will share the library facilities with the organization and will support the project throughout its development by having a seat at the Baybayin’s board.


Board member

Settled on the Brittany island of Belle-Île, Amélie is the owner of an ethical surf shop. Active member of several organizations, she decided to get involved in France with the Baybayin project.

Amélie will focus her energy on seeking fundings and will also sponsor a few projects at the library.