A small island of above 200 000 residents, Siargao Island is located in the province of Surigao Del Norte in the South East of the Philippines archipelago. With its 437 km2 and paradisiac landscape, this island is a favorite among surfers and brings in more and more tourists.

It was the major surfing spot Cloud 9 and its international competition that put Siargao Island on the map. First visited by thrill-seeking surfers, the island has for the past few years embraced a more urban tourism with many hotels, restaurants and bars opening and slowly changing the island landscape.

The majority of Siargao Island residents rely for their livelihoods on fishing and coconut farming. Though the steady growth of tourism created new jobs, the price increase is detrimental to the local population who is often dismissed in favor of visitors. Plus, the growth of litter adversely affects the environment of Siargao Island, which has a hard time handling it.

Though slowing down the growth of tourism seems pointless, it is paramount to support the local population through the development of the island with projects catered and beneficial to Siargao Island residents.

In a sometimes fragile social and economic context, the will to take part in the local life through a sustainable development project sparked the Baybayin organization. The library will have at heart to adapt and evolve with the people and the local environment, and to learn and respect the rich culture, the knowledge and the way of living of Siargao Island residents.