Dozens of visitors every day

Since the first day of opening, the library has been filled with children reading, playing and participating in workshops organized by Sofia, Jillian and Leah! Students are thrilled to finally have a place to study and adults are happy to come and read and relax in the library. The community is taking part in the project and is making the library more and more their own. In order to allow as many people as possible to benefit from it, with the help of volunteers, we have also been able to go and get children from neighboring villages to bring them to our premises.

Already more than 300 members

While the library and its services are freely available to the local community, the “contractual” aspect of registration and parental permissions was one of our concerns. We were afraid that it would slow down the enthusiasm of our potential visitors. What an error of judgment! Parents came willingly to fill out the necessary documents and we already had more than 300 members after only 15 days of opening!

Keep an open mind and adapt

Dozens of young children every day, that’s a lot of noise and work! In order to allow all our members to enjoy our premises as comfortably as possible and for our animators Sofia and Jillian to work in good conditions, we have chosen to adapt our schedule.

Starting in March, Friday afternoons will be reserved exclusively for those over 12 years old so that they can come and study or relax in a quiet environment. If children are our priority, students and adults must also be able to take ownership of their library and have time dedicated to them!